Streetball in Prague!

Hello friends!

This weekend is really rainy, but there’s nothing like get some fun and rest before week days.So, for 2-3 of July “Prague International Streetball Cup” is welcomed in the Wenceslas Square (center of Prague).

Well, what Streetball by itself means? “Streetball or street basketball is a variation of the sport of basketball, typically played on outdoor courts and featuring significantly less by way of formal structure and enforcement of the game’s rules.” (

And you know, it becomes a great tradition for many fans of Streetball from all over the world!

Prague International Streetball Cup is a part of Open Series which includes some particular tournaments: Prague International Streetball Cup (Prague Open), Baltic Open (Tallinn), Pacific Open (Vladivostok) and Moscow (qualifying round).

Despite bad weather on the playing field were hot enough! Because teams from Czech Republic are not the only ones, who take part in the cup.  In fact there were participated even more than 7 teams from 6 foreign countries.

And if think that rain was keep their heads cool, think again! 🙂

But referees kept everything under control.

So, I won’t disturb you, enjoy the photos! 😉

-I'll show them how to play..Thank you for you attention and I hope you got some fun.

See you reading my next post! ;)

Yours, Paul




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