Strike?! In Prague?

Hi friends!

I’m glad to introduce my new post a little about current Czech politician life. And I want to present it as tourist, not a Czech one.

Well, if you’re a tourist you can quite often meet demonstrations or strikes from a part of nonpolitical groups. It’s mean that they are might be trade unions (most of all), people “inspired” by them or simply group of people with the same interests.

And the most popular reason of it, is pressing on the government to cancel their reforms, which the state has been implementing into life now.

"We won't pay for your larceny our money"(eng. “We won’t pay for your larceny our money.”)

The most popular way to demonstrate, as you saw, is simply make a strike on the main squares (Wenceslas Square, for one) or streets.  Make posters, broadsheets,  wear special shirts,  cry slogans and all that stuff.
   People also can suppot the protest by signing special treatment.

But for me the most interesting thing was the process by itself and participants of it. So, have a look at it!

  (eng. “Open your eyes, otherwise the government will …”)

These balloons were really look like in movie “UP”. 🙂 These photos are from the strike, which took place in the May.

Thanks for your attention and see you reading my next posts! ;)

Yours, Paul


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