Prague in the mirror. Part 1

Hi again!

This is the first post from the project “”Prague Live” and I want to make it in nontraditional way, that concerns also nontraditional topics in purpose to make it more interesting for you. So, let’s get started!

There’s no doubt in the fact, that Prague is a kind of city, where you can simply go for walk anywhere, just for  pleasure. And if you have a camera it’s good twice! 😉

And you know, an idea has occurred to me – what about a modern city, especially high buildings.

It’s really suitable the old town by all means – “skyscrapers” (versus to American ones) aren’t make Prague bad looking, but on the contrary helps us see that it’s a business city too!Take for instance The Hilton Hotel near the Florenc metro station.

A little me. 🙂You know I like both parts of Prague – an old part with its special atmosphere and a modern part with its confident view in the future as in the sky at the photo above!…

Thanks for your attention and see you reading my next posts! ;)

Yours, Paul


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