First Prague Pride. What?

Hi there!

First of all my apologizes for such a long term of my holidays in Russia. Next post will be dedicated to that.

But now I’ve came back to Prague!

And happy to present you photo report of the first big queer pride parade in Czech Republic. ( In history, queer pride parades were mainly organized in order to protest against intolerance and advocate for the rights of minorities. It seems that Prague never needed such a protest. However, contemporary pride parades in Western countries tend to be organized primarily as celebrations, carnivals and festivals for not only LGBT people but also other members of the general public. Prague isn’t an exception.With great mood, flags, banners, badges, colorful costumes and music!There were really funny. And a big pleasure for some tourists. 🙂But anyway you have to ask yourself: Is it normal? Normal for family in traditional meaning..? That’s way during the whole human history there are who support these kind of relations and who are not. For one, the president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, and some other politicians were against this event. (eng.: “The Czech nation, return to Jesus”)

And they aren’t alone…(eng.: on the right back: “Jesus Christ was died, was buried and rosed from the dead“; on the left back: “Anti conflict team”; on the rooper: “Jesus is alive”)

And who is right, who is wrong is not my task. My point is represent the process. So, have a look!

No comment

The column has finish it’s way on the “Střelecký ostrov“. It’s an island  on the left hand of Charles bridge. On it there were a lot of different tends. Some of them were really interesting.

Are you fond of sweets?

There was also a tend of Amnesty International whose slogan is: “Human rights are my pride” and collect signatures for rights of Muhannad al-Hassání, Sakíne Ashtíaníová and Shi Tao. I did it too!

So, after this part there was a concert.

For Prague it was pretty unusual and as you see there is sort of misunderstanding. But after all it was and it is interesting social thing…

See you reading my new posts! 😉

Yours, Paul


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