Stalin’s bunker


as I promised we’re taking a tour to the Chapaev Square of Samara hid until 1990 one of the most important secrets of Soviet government. These photographs  I took last winter on my trip to Samara.

1. Here we are, enter to bunker and our guide.


In 1941 Kuibyshev (now Samara) became a second capital of USSR after Moscow. Leningrad(St. Petersburg) was surrounded by Germans at that time. 

2. All embassies and government were moved to Kuibyshev.


3. The bunker was built in nine months by a team of 800 engineers and 2,900 workers. It was declassified in 1990 and then turned into museum.


4. It was prepared for Stalin so he could go at any time.


5. They say, Stalin was prepared to go to Kuibyshev when the Nazis were too close to Moscow, but decided to stay. Is it just a legend? I honestly don’t know.





8. Interesting thing is that Stalin’s cabinet looks exactly like in Moscow, that’s why there are some faked doors.

9. Classic soviet art


10. Video

11. At that time in Kuibyshev lived famous Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. His greatest and most famous wartime contribution was the Seventh Symphony. The composer wrote the first three movements in Leningrad and completed the work in Kuibyshev where he and his family had been evacuated.

So, I hope the post was interesting for, see you nest time,

Paul A.



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