Let’s get started

It’s high time I presented you our video blog and program Work&Travel USA 2013, that I’m participating in.

About 10 days left before our plane’ll lend in San Francisco. So what’s the point in doing video blog?
First of all it’s created for sharing our emotions, impressions, problems, everything we’ll see and feel through video clips and photos.

Why? Because of you, dear watchers, our families, friends and everyone who want to peek behind the screen of real america’s live.
Guess it wouldn’t be objective, but anyway, we’ll be trying to be closer to the truth.

But first things first, today I start a marathon of 10 day preparation for our journey, making some notes of what we could see there.

10 days leftLook at this gorgeous lake. It’s name Tahoe and you know, I’ll live on the coast of it! Mountains, water, clear sky and fresh air.

Sounds like an ad? It is! Cause Kings Beach is situated in recreation area and I’m looking forward to going there as soon as possible!

But for now:

See U tomorrow!

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