7 things to do before leaving the country

Based on my own experience I would like  to share some practical information about leaving a country for more then 4 months.

1. Before leaving anywhere make sure you’ve got all responsibilities fulfilled on time. It might concerns your visa status if you’ll return to foreign country. Take care of your family, work or study affairs. Tell your banks that you’ll be abroad –  that would solve many possible problems.

2. Understand most risks that you can meet abroad. There is one cute phrase: “There’s no one who’s waiting for you” . That’s an absolute truth, because when you come to any new society you should adept somehow without saying how strange people could be. Change your behaviour, not the country.

3. Good preparation is better than anything else. Along with 2nd point make sure you have enough information or you know where you can find it. Accommodation, financial sources, tickets mobile phones, insurance,  plan – everything is clear.

4. Bring a camera. Don’t worry, everyone can push the button.

5. Travel with friends. That is a controversial option, cause it’s depends on what kind of friend you have. If you’re lucky, you can have an amazing travel experience and solve most problems faster.

6.  Meet someone who lives in the target country. That’s a handy way to know more about your final destination.

7. Create a power of attorney. Useful tool for not returning home in any case.

So, be patient and meticulous about your trips and see U tomorrow again!

Lost anything? Don’t worry, here you are:
10 days left
9 days left
8 days left

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