6 places we gonna visit

Let’s continue our “preparation” marathon and give you some details about our run to America.

As you know we will work in California, which is very famous state. I wrote that we’ll lend right in San Francisco, BUT before we gonna visit

1. New York!

It will be only one night between flights. Empire state building, Times square and New York’s atmosphere will be our goals. not much time, but anyway.

2. As you can guess, from New York we’re flying to San Francisco. There we won’t stay long, but it’s not too far from our living place, that’s why there’s no problem to take a bus and spend your weekend in San Francisco.

3. Los Angeles .  How can’t we visit the place where most good movies came from?

4. Las Vegas. Actually we want to take a tour from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon for 3 days. Sure it’d be great experience.

5. Grand Canyon.

6. Silicon Valley. Best start up ecosystem in the world. Must see.

I’m looking forward  to visiting all these places and what do you want to visit most of all?

Lost anything? Don’t worry, here you are:
10 days left
9 days left
8 days left
7 days left

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