A moment before we leave

Yesterday I got a picnic with these brilliant people.

Where? Near our university, I would call it Central park  – beautiful view in central districts.

Very friendly atmosphere, caused by a few guitarists and other musicians. And I’d like to say thank all my friend for warm words and support. It’s easy to talk like this because I’m truly grateful to you.

And you know what?

It’s only…

days and 3 nights before  IT. And starting of our awesome online video blog! Don’t forget to check it out from June 18th and on and surely my twitter live channel – @WelcomeToPaul.

And one more thing is about drama.. series like LOST, which is actually one of my favourites.

So the point is that even  shooting   such a serious thing like LOST could be a comedy, just like mine small experience.  So let’s have a look at their funny “bloomers”.

And I’m proud to announce that tomorrow our great promo is going to be released! I’m awaiting, do U?

Lost anything? Don’t worry, here you are:
10 days left
9 days left
8 days left
7 days left
6 days left

Our VIDEO BLOG and my twitter @WelcomeToPaul


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