New York is the city that never sleeps or that’s us?

Hi, old sports. It’s me and I was in New York.

2. At 10 p.m. on Tuesday 18. of June and in 1,5 hours were on our way to night New York. First we took the Airtrain that goes right to the last subway station named Jamaica.

3. Then on this station we paid $6 for one way Airtrain + public transport card, then we bought 4 trips for $10 and take a train to middle Manhattan. Have a look at New York subway.

There’s somewhere of course some kind of this station

4. This journey took us about an hour on E line to Lexington Av/53 St station. By the way the structure of streets in the US is very understandable and quiet easy as NY subway, but sometimes it’s a little tricky. From this station I came to the famous Empire state building.

5. It works till 2 a.m., so I went there on time, at 0:05, then I bourght a ticket to 86th floor, because 102th was in the clouds. The ticket costs $25.

6. Inside the building there is a museum which they are proud of.

7. An elevator. (All Americans were so sweet, always asked us if they can help to take a pic of me)

8. The view is fabulous. North Manhattan.

9. East Manhattan.

10. After 35 minutes clouds went down on me and had to move to Times Squire. But about it next time.


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