Times Sq. and Grand Central Terminal

Hi everybody, today I’ve got the main part of NY that we wanted to visit. That’s Times Squire.

2. Have to say that from the first step out of  subway the city opens to you in other way then U thought about it.

3. When U see these people and feel the spirit of the city, U start to build your own image and relationship with NY.

4. This relationship could be completely different from your image that based on Hollywood movies. For me NY became an old kind and reliable friend with awesome atmosphere.

5. Physic feeling  is that in Times Sq. is always a day. Lots of lights, thats exactly what everybody expects to see there and this is TRUE! There’re more ads and lights then U thought.

6. Ryabovs, Times Sq. and me



9. After watching this “ads paradise” we moved to Grand Central Terminal that’s situated about two blocks from Times Sq.

10. Try a NY McDonalds with free unlimited drinks.

11. NY streets.

12. And here we are at last.

Fortunately we came there in time because at 2 am. it’s closing. After this, we came to Rockefeller centre,  the New York Public Library, Brooklyn bridge, statue of liberty and down Manhattan.

This is the second of three posts about our night in NY, our video is coming out soon.

And much thanks for photos to my companion Sergey Ryabov.


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