Brooklyn, so amazing Brooklyn plus video

After seeing Empire State building and Times Square

1. We were passing the New York Public library.

2. And how not to visit the Rockefeller center?

3. Then we’re trying to find a road to Brooklyn bridge, because we’ve got 3 hours and wanted to use them all.

4.Almost all streets have a numerous name like 5th avenue or 34th street and that makes sense in easy orientation in New York.
Sweet wet roads of NY. Thanks to Sergey once again for fabulous photos.

5. Here it is.
 6. They say that it takes an hour to walk the whole bridge. We did it in 10 minutes and at that time took a lot of pics.

7. How amazing is it saying  “I just walking on the Brooklyn bridge would we meet on the other side?”

8. And here we are at bridge park. From here is most amazing view on NY.

9. Pls ignore my face

10. Then we’re searching for the way to the airport, that was funny and interesting. Morning. Empty NY streets.

11. Finally we found it.

12. Look how happy I am.

13. Airport.

14. Inside there are sights from almost all capital cities of the world, including Moscow and Prague.

And at last I finished our Vost(Video post) in Vlog (Video Blog). Please enjoy and I’m looking forward for reading you feedback.

See U soon!


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