I’m back and first look at SF


it’s been a looong time since I wrote here and there are lot of resons for that. Each of them needs a post.

But first things first. After that night in New York we’ve got a flight  to San Francisco. The duration of the flight was about 7 hours and the only difference we noticed flying with American Airways is that they don’t serve a meal in the planes. 🙂

1. So far I see american cities as car orientated. Highways and wide roads are everywhere.

2. We had to reach Cal train station in down town of SF. So we used some kind of the underground, which goes mostly on the surface.

3. As  you probably  know SF is a capital  city of  LGBT at least in  the USA.

4. We’ve got only five hours in SF. So we were in the south east of SF and saw a baseball match which participated famous Giants.


5. This sport event took place in AT&T park. By Sergey

6. Which is really huge.

7. There was an interesting man on the coast whose photos are provided by Sergey.

8. AT&T park

9. Here is a pic from a pier.

Then we catch our bus and went to the Reno – Nevada where we got a taxi to our cute Kings Beach.

And I did’t forget to take a photo of California’s palm trees.

All right we’re moving to the Tahoe lake and there will be at least three posts, see ya then!


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