Stateline Fire Lookout

Hi there,

today I’ll show you how we visited  Stateline Fire Lookout.

#4 Video first

1. And here is our super car. It’s 30 years old and it’s still wonderfully working!

2.  Stateline Fire Lookout is placed in about 15 minutes drive from Kings Beach in the Nevada part.

3. Actually this place is the best to see the whole lake from west to east and from north to south.

4. This is our Kings Beach and some others small towns – North Lake Tahoe.

5. This is me 😉

6.  And here we are  – whole lake.


8.  Just to have some fun

9.  Up  there we met an american family with this super cute dog. Her name is Stella.

10. BONUS we made a little interview with a friend of ours – Gregory. You can listen to the story of his family in America in the video.

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All these photos are taken by Sergey, look at his  pics here.


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