The First Barbecue in the usa

Right on the next weekend we’ve been invited to Alice‘s house for a barbecue.

And that was a big fun. On the one hand as I didn’t eat any meat – I had to buy a veggie meat, specially made for barbecue and on the other it was a big problem to get there for such a big group of people at once.
Hitch-hike? Yes, we did it.

1. As soon as we got there we had a 10 minutes walk to find the house.

2.  Here we are!

3. Meet Katerina

4. Klaudia and Aksana (I know they will kill me because of that photo)

5. Nachos, ketchup, salad and all that stuff.

6. Guys are on the party.

7. And one of the most amazing thing in America is hitch-hiking. We’ll look at it in more detail later. Now are some photos.

(we sat in the back of the car, but ladies inside of cause)

8. Sergey

9. Me

10. Sorry for quality but as it is, with classical adventurers who picked us up.


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