A Walk to Dollar point on foot

Yup, there was a 4 hours  Into the Wild style walk with aprox. 20 km long.
Almost every day I traveled from Kings Beach to Tahoe city by bus or car, but I’ve been always wanted to try it out on foot. That’s exactly what I did that time.

(Important notice. We changed the concept of showing our experience, so in few months our video project will transfer in 20-30 minutes movie with the greatest shots from KB, Virginia city, our another trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.)

1. Here is the map of my route: Kings Beach to Dollar point.

Bez názvu

2. Life on Tahoe isn’t fast. It kind of nice routine, where you can enjoy every last bit of the sun and nature. There  you can meet maybe the sweetest people in the world! 🙂

3. Sweet

4. On the beach

5. Yeahh, for the whole July I’ve been waiting to get to this boats and here I am.

6. Love this kind of photos


8. Can you imaging how romantic it is to wake up in sun light and drink cofee on such a balcony?

9. Instagram style pic

10. Almost each house has its own boat.

11. Or even a peer.


13. Everybody is sick with Bearmania. No wonder, you could see them everyday if you wish..


15. Carnelian Bay rentals. Here you can fuel your boat up.




19. As you probably remember, The Godfather II had been sceened here, on lake Tahoe and you could also see these boats in that movie.


21. Ducks


23. “Bears are everywhere” 🙂

24. It was quite dangerous sometimes, cause there’s no special space for cyclists or passers by.

25. Final destination

Next post is special, finally it’d be from San Francisco!


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