San Francisco. July 2013. Day 1

Finally let's have a look at our July two days trip to one of the greatest cities in the US, San Francisco!
“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” once told Mark Twain and that's an absolute truth!

Here will be photos from day 1 and don't forget to take a look at our fabulous video of foggy Golden Gate.

1. So nice to start that morning with splendid panorama of lake Tahoe.

2. In the minibus we men a girl right from SF, she advised us to take a tour from Golden Gate park to the bridge, which would took us no more then 3-4 hours – that's exactly what we did!

3. Kings Beach, CA – Reno, NV – Sacramento – San Fransisco

4. Driving to the bus station.

5. Near the casino. Waiting for our bus.

6. In Sacromento you can find real old american city.

7. Roads here are great. No wonder, every american has a car.

8. Bay bridge.

9. San Francisco downtown.

10. Ferry Building and up on the hill is Coit Tower

11. Here we are 🙂

12. Well in SF they have MUNI transportation system, which includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, subway (except for BART system, which is more like a subway).

13. The first day was really foggy, windy, but romantic.

14. Famous SF hills.

15. This brilliant woman and her grandson are emigrants from Soviet union. They moved here in early 90's. I admit Russian emigrants are really intelligent, clever people and very kind, in contrast with most of people living in Russia. They helped us a lot.

16. She showed a street where famous Hippy and all creativity of SF have been came from. A lot of specific shops with Indian cloths and attributes of that culture.

17. These things are popular in this area, probably because of tourists. It smells with different spices and perfumes of East. All these were popular in 1960's and probably still is.

18. Special attention is required to these kind of houses, which you can find only here, in San Francisco.

19. De Young museum in the middle of Golden Gate park, which we'd visit only in September.

20. On our way to Pacific ocean. I was looking forward to meeting this moment for long time.. I was nervous 🙂

21. And at last..


23. Right, we'd go down there.


25.So many stairs..

26. At this very moment we didn't feel that we are in city. It looks like you're somewhere in South America's coast having a long walk. So mysterious, especially with this foggy weather.

27. Have a look at up right conner: there you go, it's part of Golden Gate bridge.

28. Mysterious indeed..


30.This type of trees are only here in North America.

31. After 3 hours struggle we finally get to the bridge, buuut it's something we didn't expect, right?

32. We're still happy, cold and tired. It's getting dark already.

33. Like from Steven King horror. 🙂


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