San Francisco. July 2013, day 2

Second day in SF with colorful China town and finally almost clear view of Golden Gate bridge. I hope this pictures will bring at least a small part of our experience, U'll see why we love this city so much.

San Francisco. July 2013. Day 1

Check out our video from there first and then some great photos.

1. This famous pic was taken right in July.

2. Cable car – must try in SF.

3. We can finally see the whole bridge. By the way, it has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

4. It opened in 1937 and had until 1964 the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 feet (1,280 m). On the south side of the bridge a 36.5-inch-wide (93 cm) cross-section of the cable, containing 27,572 wires, is on display.

5. On the right hand you can see the Alkatraz. A famous prison, that has one month to get on the excursion. We succeeded to buy a ticket in september. My advise: take tickets in advance through internet.

6. San Fra is famous for it's hills. You've got 5 streets up and then 5 down and the whole city is like that.

7. Looks awesome, but SF's in risk of earthquakes, for instance, in the beginning of 20th century it was completely destroyed..

8. Slope with 30 degree deviation, I have no idea how do they park their cars. 🙂

9. The best way to explore!

10. I've just fallen in love with the city. It's outstanding!

11. The atmosphere there is absolutely unique. Nether american cities nor european ones have it.


13. Lombard Street is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns. The street was named after Lombard Street in Philadelphia by San Francisco surveyor Jasper O'Farrell. Amazing view!

14. Yup, the biggest China town in the USA.

15. They say, people born, live and die here never used a word in english 🙂 Don't know, but the feeling is like it's true: everything in chinese, most of them study, work and sell in China town only.

16. There is no contrast – it exactly what San Francisco is!

17. Don't forget it's right in the center of the city.

18. Don't ask what happened to the man, I don't remember..



21. Right from hollywood movie.

22.That's the end of China town and start of financial district.

23. Hilton


25. That's where all money come from.

26. Specially for Apple admirers!


28. Cool trams, I'll write only about them later.


Say good bye to SF and see you till September!



    • Тренируются 🙂
      Я тогда еще ничего в этом не понимал..

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