Get laundry done

In the USA a self-service laundry, coin laundry or coin wash is the story that longs almost a century. No wonder that it has been fully integrated in popular culture and americans' everyday lives.
Surely we couldn't pass this part! 🙂

A big thanks comes to Sergey, who took all these photos.

There are laundries that employ staff to provide service for the customers. For instance, they provide change, watch unattended machines for potential theft of clothing as minimum. Some staffed laundry facilities also provide dry cleaning pick-up and drop-off. There are over 35,000 laundries throughout the United States.

The evolution of self-serve laundry services have been seen in some "fluff n fold" services provided by various laundromats. These services provide the end user with wash, dry, and folding services on a per pound basis. Additionally, dry-cleaning services have been known to utilize the pickup and delivery as a means to help generate additional revenue. [source]

Washateria is an alternate name for laundromat, especially in Texas. The first washateria so named was opened in 1936 in Fort Worth. Most laundromats and washaterias in the United States are fully automated and coin-operated and generally unmanned, with many (but not all) operating 24 hours a day, that's exactly what we've got in Kings Beach.

Step 1.
Come to Washateria, find a free machine, put three quarters inside and have a full washing process working for about an hour.

Step 2.
When you're waiting you could either sit and wait.

Or read an article about Art tour.

Step 3.
Take your cloths out of washing machine and full the dryer.

How to spend free time? No way 🙂

Not a smartphone experience!

Step 4.
Get home save.
See you then!


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